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Films from Japan

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Film Festival


Here are links to movies made about Japanese culture by second-year Kansai Gaidai University students in Hirakata, Japan.  Our school is located halfway between two amazing Japanese cities: Osaka and Kyoto.  We hope you enjoy learning about the lives of Japanese young people from these movies, and if you would like to leave a comment, please do so on the dVolver movie site directly.  Thanks for letting us share our movies with you, and for having us as part of your Film Festival!!  You can visit our class blog at Get Hip to Learning English IES too!  From MaryH



No Eyebrow by Natsuko (This movie was very popular among the members of our class!)


The Winter by Tomoyo


Changing Tradition by Kosuke


Japanese Life by Saya


An Insect by Rika


After School by Minami

I want to tell people that many Japanese teenagers go to karaoke after school, and they sing freely so they can reduce their stress.


New Fashion Trend by Ayaka

The girl who spoke first thinks the other girl had already gotten the new trend, so she thinks the other girl doesn't have to buy any more new things.  I tried to show the conversation about young girls' trends; young girls tend to want to get new trends very much to become cuter!


Japanese Life by Miho



Young ppl in Japan by Haruka

I tried to tell that today's young people love to drink  with their friends.


Christmas Party by Yuri

First, I chose Christmas scene, after that I chose funny characters that don't match Christmas.  I wanted to show Christmas for them.  They realized they didn't match Christmas themselves before going to the Christmas party, and so they gave up going there.


Unsociable by Shoko


Bush goes forth by Syujiro


Drinking party by Mina


Too sad, but... by Risa and Yuka

Recently the number of people who don't work or study has been increasing.  They always stay at their houses or go out with their friends.

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